About us

Soardra Group, established in Jiaxing, Zhejiang,in July, 2014, is an innovative company with high and new technology. We hadrich experiences in sale thermometry and febrifuge products long before webuilt this company. Up to now, we have already sold millions of thermometersand medical fever cooling patches. With the in-depth understanding of userneed, Company focuses on research, development and application of newtemperature sensing technology, antipyretic technology, material and methods non-pharmaceutically sinceits inception. The powerful R&D team, the excellent selling team and thesenior background is the foothold of Company in this industry.
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  • introduction

    • Main components

      The thermometer is composed of sensor, amplifier, single chip, digital analog conversion section, LCD, power and out case.
    • Application

      For forehead temperature measurement in hospital or home.
    • Product performance

      Surrounding temperature: (16~35)℃

      Inner DC Power supply: DC 3.6V

      Relative humility≤85%

    • Temperature display range


  • introduction

    • Product performance

      Lock in a lot of water

      No added pigment

      The skin not allergic

      Don't add borneol

      Your body does not fall off

    • Scope of application

      It is used for physical annealing and cold compress therapy.

  • introduction

    • Product performance

      Product performance

      Physical cooling

      No side effect

      Daub is convenient

      Moderate no stimulation

      Cooling purposes fatigue

    • Scope of application

      It is suitable for the heating of various causes, the physical cooling effect.